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The &quotteacher&quot in this type of environment is charged with guiding the steps on writing an essay discussions, the actions, planting artifiacts, and resources that guide the students own learning

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However, it would seem to be much more doable in an online environment where the physical structure of a school and the built in hierchy would seem to detract from this type of learning experience

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Posted 11/24/2011 5 31am larry b technology in the past has ‘extended’ what we currently do in the classroom &amp has not really changed the ‘sage on the stage’ model

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One example is w/ e-textbooks – do they really change the paradigm

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Privacy policies would become part of the free market decision making process, in addition to price, brand, reputation, convenience, etc

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However, I do think there are some great paradigm shifting possibilities w/ the advent of blended learning – for example, the concept of flipping the classroom

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